Content to Book

You know your book would help a lot of people and make a big impact on your business. But you just can’t seem to finish it. Maybe you’re too busy running your business, or maybe writing just isn’t your thing. Wouldn’t it be great if someone would just finish it for you?

That’s where I come in. I will check this giant “to-do” off your list for you, once and for all! Let me transform your material (whether it’s blog posts, an e-course, videos, transcripts from speaking gigs, or a collection of emails) into a book, professionally designed and ready to sell.

This package includes:

  • Transcribing any video or audio content
  • Weaving and melding up to 30,000 words or up to 4 audio hours (or a combination) into one manuscript
  • Editing and unifying the content to make it all flow together as one cohesive work
  • Polishing the writing so it’s clear and easy to read
  • Designing the cover to attract readers, match your branding, and convey the feel and message of the contents
  • Designing an interior layout to go with the cover and help communicate the message
  • Producing the book as a PDF eBook for distribution on your website
  • Producing the book as an eBook in Kindle/Mobi and ePub formats for sale on Amazon, Apple iBook Store, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and other venues
  • Producing the book as a PDF for print-on-demand publishing, so you can sell your book as a paperback on Amazon (or anywhere else)
  • Checking in with you every step of the way to make sure your book is created according to your vision


  • Guide to uploading and selling your book, including tips and tricks to increase sales on Amazon
  • A teaser version of your book, designed to create desire-based tension, which you can offer as a freebie to your subscribers


Need to talk first?

You can email me at cara [at] bookcompletion [dot] com or set up a call. I’ll be happy to talk with you about your book and your specific needs.

Already have a manuscript or book? Here’s what I can do for you.