Manuscript to Book

Already have a manuscript that you want to publish? So much the better! I can finish your book in about two weeks, schedule permitting. This package includes (up to 30,000 words):

  • Editing and polishing the writing (everybody needs an editor!)
  • Designing the cover to attract readers, match your branding, and convey the feel and message of the contents
  • Designing an interior layout to go with the cover and help communicate the message
  • Producing the book as a PDF eBook for distribution on your website
  • Producing the book as an eBook in Kindle/Mobi and ePub formats for sale on Amazon, Apple iBook Store, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and other venues
  • Producing the book as a PDF for print-on-demand publishing, so you can sell your book as a paperback on Amazon (or anywhere else)
  • Checking in with you every step of the way to make sure your book is created according to your vision


  • Guide to uploading and selling your book, including tips and tricks to increase sales on Amazon
  • A teaser version of your book, designed to create desire-based tension, which you can offer as a freebie to your subscribers

Need to talk first?

You can email me at cara [at] bookcompletion [dot] com or set up a call. I’ll be happy to talk with you about your specific book and what you need.

Want me to put your manuscript together for you? I can turn your content into a book.